Julius and the Magic Ears
Muench, Barbara Michaela

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ISBN: 978-3-906025-98-8
Preis in CHF: 19.50
Erscheinungsjahr: 2018 / 170
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A memorable book for all children as well as adults, who have a sense of hearing even for the softest and most extraordinary symphonies which life offers. Together with the mysterious cat Cleo, Julius finds magic ears which give him very special hearing abilities. He learns about the kidnapping of the bird princess Lililea who is captured by a dark force in the twilight world. Julius bravely starts an adventurous journey through a world full of magic and phantasy, accompanied by a small imp. Will he succeed to free the princess and to restore the balance between good and evil in Dreamland? The author and artist Barbara Michaela Muench creates a fascinating story in a unique way, composed out of soft and atmospheric imaginative sounds. Beautiful illustrations will make you feel a part of this magical world.


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